Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Week They Turned My Club Into A Monster

I said many times on here and elsewhere how much Queen's Park Rangers means to me so i do not did to do that again.

But to sum up things i will try my best a few weeks back i with many others did a walk from our ground in London W12 to Watford it took hours and even had to watch out for golf balls, For Amit Bathia backed Tiger Cubs  It was a great day spent with fellow Rangers fans and at the end of the game we became a Premier club.
Also a few days before my Dad died and people were shocked i turned up i guess but i could not think of better people to be with on such a time and also a great way to deal with it as i said before we were not close but he was my Dad.
And that is the weird thing QPR has always been there for me in dark times i lost myself following the team looking forward to the next game.
Even now as a balding fat 40 something going past them floodlights gives me a kick.

I know my club and how special it is and in the times of when Chelsea spent millions and there fan base changed overnight we had a real club to follow it did not matter what ground what team how many was there we were the biggest social club in the world.