Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Profile of a football league fan AND a look at the old Hampden Park

Two new posts on Regista this week:

Four Yorkshiremen - profile of a football league fan:
A modern lament of the more aged football fan is that the league has become obsessed with money. It is a structure populated by those that have, and those that have not, with little charity on offer for those who fail to keep up, not like the good old days. It is a selective view, and one that is open to critique, rather like when people talk about Victorian values as if they were the pinnacle of British society, but omit any reference to the grinding poverty and the prejudice of class...

The Coliseum of Scottish Football: old Hampden Park
Jesus, this place looks like the most intimidating amphitheatre any footballer ever had to endure. Imagine those vast, endless terraces, crammed with partisan Glaswegian hard cases, smashed up to their eye balls. There can be no doubting the legendary status of this venue: the highest attendance ever recorded for a football match in Britain occurred during a Scotland v England match at Hampden in 1937, when 149,415 filled this massive arena. That figure requires a videprinter read out in brackets (ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY NINE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN)...