Monday, 3 March 2014

What is Going On? Where Have All The Listings Gone??

Don't panic! Nothing has been lost.

We have had to switch a few of the regular features off while we redesign the site.

A few?? - they've all gone along with all of the blog listings!! They will all be back, along with a few new features that we hope you will like, when the new Football Blog Directory goes live soon.

In the meantime you can still see all of the old blog listings here.

Please note that the blog listings on the old site are no longer being maintained or added to, so there may be quite a few dead or out of date links. You can still submit your blog for inclusion on the new Football Blog Directory though by using the submission form here.

Thank you for your patience while we change things around and improve the site. We hope that you agree that it was worth it when you see the new site.