Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Have you ever wondered why YouTube videos always seem to stop counting hits when they each 301 views? Ever lost sleep trying to work out why it is that the video you so lovingly created suddenly stops recording hits in an apparently evil scheme by YouTube to frustrate budding film makers? We wondered once, for about five minutes, until we looked up the answer online. It's an answer that we can't be bothered repeating since this introductory paragraph is nothing more than an unscrupulous attempt to garner a few extra hits on a football blog website.

If you have been trapped into visiting this page by such underhand tactics, or if we've just sparked a hint of curiosity into the inner workings of a large video uploading site, then you can find a perfectly good explanation provided by those lovely people at Numberphile:

The only point of this little newsflash is to mention that we have passed the 300 landmark for blogs listed on the directory - hence 301+ ! You get it now? Oh well. It wouldn't even be newsworthy if it hadn't taken us so long to get there.

That is all.