Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Build Your Football Blog Audience

While most of us bloggers write about football out of the love of football and writing, it is also encouraging when we know that others are reading our football blog posts, and that our blogging is appreciated. Building an audience for your football blog isn't easy though, and any blogging tool that can attract more visitors to your blog has to be a good thing.

The most important factor in attracting visitors to your blog will always be to write good quality, unique and interesting content. However, the more people who see your good content then the more future vistitors you will attract to your blog.

At the Football Blog Directory we offer listed bloggers the opportunity to advertise as many of their blog posts as they wish, completely free of charge. This will help to encourage visitors to each of your blog posts, which in turn will help to increase you blog subscriptions and future visitors.

It is both easy to register and use this feature. We use blogger as the platform for our blog aticles, embedding the posts within the site. All you have to do to be added as an author is to visit http://www.footballblogdirectory.co.uk/article%20submissions.php and register. Your email address will be added and you are free to post as often as you like provided you observe the site guidelines.

Using this service will also increase the number of links to your site, and so helps to increase your visibility on search engines.

So what are you waiting for? Register today!