Thursday, 12 June 2014

Keep Up to Date With World Cup Blog Posts Using Our RSS Feed Of Football Bloggers

It's here! World Cup Day has arrived at last!

During the World Cup, time is an even more precious commodity than usual as we try to fit in the usual eat, work and sleep while making time for an extra four hours of football - and that doesn't include the build ups and post match analysis.

Added to our desire to actually watch the games, we also want to soak up as much information and opinion of events in Brazil as possible. What we all need is a really quick way to find World Cup articles without having to waste time looking - and that is where the Football Blog Directory can come to the rescue.

With over 300 football blogs already listed, and more being added every day of the World Cup, we can bring the latest World Cup blog posts direct to your screen with the minimal effort possible. Our RSS feed of member blogs brings you live updates of every blog posted from registered bloggers. All you have to do is click. What could be simpler?

Here is a live version of the feed:

So why not bookmark our RSS feed, which can be found at:

Happy Reading!