Thursday, 4 September 2014

Football Features: Football Writers Wanted

Are you a budding football writer or blogger? Do you have opinions and insights about football that you would love to share with the wider world? If so, we would love to hear from you for Football Features.

Football Features is a blog dedicated to promoting Football writers and bloggers. The aim of Football Features is to help distribute your writing skills to a wider audience, getting your work noticed and promoting yourself as a writer and a blogger. We are happy to include within the creditation for the piece details of how you can be contacted by owners of football sites, or details of your existing blog.

Football Features can also be a way of having articles and posts published without having to worry about maintaining your own football blog.

All posts on Football Features will be promoted on our facebook page, our Google+ page, on our twitter feed, and in preview format in the article section of the Football Blog Directory. We will also encourage other writers who have written for Football Features to also promote the pices of new writers. We want to create a community of football writers who help each other to get noticed.

Although Football Features is primarily aimed at promoting new writing talent, we also welcome feature pieces from owners of established blogs who simply want to promote their own blog. All we ask is that your post is exclusive to Football Features. For those looking to promote their own blog posts which appear on their own football bogs, the Football Blog Directory article section can be used to promote these pieces and can be used to publish introductory pieces that link to the full article on your own blog. To find out how to use this feature of the Football Blog Directory visit

If you are interested in writing a blog post for Football Features then please email us at

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