Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Premier League Prediction Game of Destiny And Doom!!! - Final Standings For November

The points for Sunday's games in The Premier League Prediction game of Destiny And Doom!!! have now been added and the final tables for November have now been updated. The final points totals and finishing positions for November can be viewed by clicking the graphic to the right.

Anyone wishing to join the game ready for next month should make sure you get predicting before Tuesday, and give yourself the maximum chance of success next month, by registering for the not606 football forum and posting your predictions on the game thread (linked below). All you have to do is post your predictions on the thread and that is you playing! Full instructions on how to join the game can be found here.

Ups and Downs in November

Division One Champion: Tasty Magpie
Runner-Up: The Judean People's Front

Relegated: Heed, Albert's Chip Shop

Division Two Champion: Silky Sammy
Runner-Up: Sissokay

Relegated: Tash, Leez

Division Three Champion: In Biscan We Trust
Runner-Up: Evil Red Devil