Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Brand New FA Cup Prediction Game Coming Soon!

Thousands of people up and down the country, and indeed throughout the world, signed up to fantasy football and football prediction games last summer full of hope that this year was the year that they would finally be able to show off their amazing football knowledge and managerial skills. Sadly for the vast majority, myself included, things didn't quite work out that way. Sometime in the last few weeks the reality has dawned that this year will be another mid-table anti-climax - if we are lucky! 

 As Christmas approaches it is the time of year for all those struggling with league mediocrity to suddenly wake up and discover that it was the Cup they were interested in all along! With only two weeks to go until the 3rd round ties of The FA Cup it is time to announce the long- awaited, much anticipated, soon to be dreaded, FA Cup Prediction Game.

This FA Cup prediction game is open to anyone who wished to play. There is no need for new players to join up to the league game if they do not want to - though they are welcome to do so.

As knockout competitions require a set number of teams, this competition will begin with a group stage to sort out the wheat from the chaff, and also to magically produce  sixteen qualifiers for the last sixteen of the tournament. The group stages will see players split into eight groups, with the top two from each group qualifying for an unseeded draw for the beginning of the knockout competition.

The group stages of the competition will cover both the 3rd and 4th rounds of the cup, with the knockout stages covering the 5th round onwards.

Just as with the League game, the Cup prediction game is being hosted on the not606 football forum. Full details of the competition, how to join, and how the scoring system will work can be found on the game thread on not606

As many players as possible welcome, so give the link a click and sign up!