Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Football Blog Directory Offers Free Directory Listings For Football Blogs - Spread The Word!

Free blog directory listingsNew Blog Submissions Needed!

The Football Blog Directory is on the lookout for football blogs and we would like your help in finding them!

There are currently over 400 blogs, from 6 continents and 21 different countries listed. The blogs cover many different subjects and categories and provide for almost every taste.

There are two main aims of the Football Blog Directory.

The first aim is to provide football fans with a place to find football blogs. Nice and simple. The Football Blog Directory aims to be the place where football fans can come to find a blog on any football subject, any football club and any football league or tournament.

This means that we want as many blogs as possible listed from as many different countries, leagues and clubs. With over 400 blogs already listed, the directory is well on the way to providing an excellent choice of blogs to football readers. We'd like that choice to be even better though.

The second aim is to provide a central location to promote football blogs free of charge. The vast majority of football blogs are a labour of love, written in a blogger's spare time, with no time available for self-promotion. This is where the directory can help.

Football blogs listed on the Football Blog Directory, no matter how big or small they are, share in the joint publicity of being part of a larger blogging community. Blogs are not ordered by size or popularity. Blogs are listed by category and the choice of which blogs to visit and read is down to the visitor.

The Blog Directory also offers free inclusion in the site's RSS feed for listed blogs, which publicises each new blog post from members on the front page of the directory. It also provides a larger archive of recently published posts on the 'Blog Posts' page of the directory.

Listing your blog on the directory not only helps to offer football fans a bigger choice of bogs, but also provides listed blogs with the opportunity of increased visitors and readers.

There are still many clubs not represented and many more subject areas and writing styles to cover and include. This means that there are football fans and readers missing out on your blogs, and that your blog is missing out on potential visitors, readers and subscribers.

As more blogs are listed then more football fans will hear about and visit the directory. This in turn will increase the potential for new visitors to blogs listed on the directory. If you have a blog that is not listed then please visit the submissions page and submit your bog for inclusion:

We need your help in spreading the word about the directory. You can help by mentioning the directory on your own blog, perhaps even including a banner or link, and also by retweeting our links to your followers.

Thank you all for your continued interest in and support of the Football Blog Directory.

Happy Blogging!