Sunday, 18 January 2015

Have The Swans Lost Their Wings?

Have the Swans lost their wings? I think it’s best we firstly to talk about the drumming of Swansea in the hands of Chelsea. An emphatic 5-0 away win for the deadly blues, I don’t think anyone could have anticipated this score line. 

Where did it all go wrong? Let’s begin with the biggest January transfer window news so far, Wilfred Bony making his way to City, there is no wonder that the Swans struggled to even score a goal. Gomis the lone striker failed to make an impact as well as the early substitute Emnes and really the whole team were shooting blanks as there was no shots on target. 

I personally thought it would be a tight knit game but how wrong was I. Took the visitors 50 seconds to open the scoring, so the Swans were in trouble from early. Brought on by a misplaced pass to allow Oscar for his first of the match. However apart from the mistakes made by Swansea, Chelsea passed really well especially for the 2nd goal with Costa rounding it off or his 16th goal of the season. 

Mistakes galore! failed back pass to keeper let to 3rd goal. It was only first half and they conceded 4 goals. Swansea were truly outplayed in all departments. Passing with fluidity, confidence and looked like a side of champions I must admit. 

Chelsea played fantastically but then again Swansea by far didn't have the best of games also. So Chelsea move 5 points clear head of City, and as we know City have a tough game, hosting the north London club Arsenal who are on a good run of performances.

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