Saturday, 14 March 2015

Guest Football Writers Wanted!

The Football Blog Directory is on the lookout for guest contributors and writers.

There are a number of opportunities for guest writers and contributors to showcase their own blogs and writing skills to other readers. Guest writing on established blogs and sites is an excellent way to promote your own blog and football writing. A credit at the end of a well written football article has the potential to attract far more visitors to your own blog or football site than any number of adverts.

The Football Blog Directory features a football articles section of the site which has been created specifically to allow blog owners and football writers to showcase their own writing skills. The primary purpose of the articles section is as a tool for owners of blogs listed on the Football Blog Directory to promote their own football blogs and blog posts by posting either an introduction and link to the full blog post, or a complete blog post with a link to the main blog. This facility is open to all blog owners whose blogs are already listed on the directory.

Listed blog owners can register to become verified contributors by completing the registration form here:

Verified contributors are able to upload articles and posts at any time, without any need for pre-approval.

However, the articles section is not limited to verified blog owners. Anybody can submit a football article for inclusion in the articles section of the Football Blog Directory. All articles are fully credited to the original author and (if wanted) can include contact details for other blog or football site owners to contact the author. Guest articles by writers wanting to showcase their writing skills should be sent in by email to:

The articles section of the Football Blog Directory is an excellent way to direct traffic to an existing blog, or for up and coming football writers to expose their writing skills to a wider audience of football writers and publishers.

In addition to the direct publicity received through articles being published on the Football Blog Directory, all articles will also be publicised on the Football Blog Directory's facebooktwitter and Google+ pages.

As well as the articles section of the Football Blog Directory, football writers also have the opportunity to post guest articles on Football Features, at

Football Features is a separate site to the Football Blog Directory, designed purely for features on football related topics.

Football Features gives football writers the opportunity to compose more in-depth articles on specific football related subjects. If you would like to have a guest article published on Football Features, or you have a subject that you would like to see covered in Football Features, then please send in your articles and ideas to:

Please forward and share this appeal for football writers with other football fans to help maximise the possibility of attracting new writers to the Football Blog Directory. The more writers and content published on the site then the more visitors are attracted to listed blogs, and the more blog owners become aware of the Football Blog Directory listings and submit new blogs.