Saturday, 31 October 2015

Football Blog Directory - Site Redesign in Progress

The time has finally come to catch up with Google's mobile policy update and re-design the Football Blog Directory. Updating the design of the site and creating a fully responsive website will not only improve the site's search engine ranking (and as a consequence the traffic created for listed blogs). but will also make the site easier to use for visitors viewing the site on a mobile device.

We are also taking the opportunity to add a few new features to the site and to the directory listings. The site currently contains over 1200 pages, so it will take a while to complete the update. We aim to have it completed within a few weeks if possible.

While the site is undergoing the redesign, visitors to the normal web address will be met with the following screen:

However, the full original site is still online and available for viewing. It can be found at the temporary address of:

Thanks for your patience during this update. We will have the new site available as soon as possible.