Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Almost There - All Original Blogs Now Transferred

The process of transferring the blogs already listed on the original site of the Football Blog Directory over to the new site is now complete. The completion of that process means that there are now just a couple of finishing touches to the re-design to complete before the new site goes live - at last!

The process of transferring the blogs over has resulted in quite a large cull of sites from the directory. There were approximately 330 blogs listed on the original site, with only 251 of them surviving to the new site. There were only two possible reasons for any blogs removal. The first was that the blog was no longer accessible (either that it was marked as private or that the blog was not found), and the second reason was that the blog owner had changed the content of the blog significantly away from football.

The vast majority of the blogs that could no longer be found were blogs that had been listed under a bought domain name. It is possible that many of these blogs still exist but that the domain name expired and/or was not renewed. If any blog owner notices that their blog has been removed, but the blog still exists, then please fill in the blog submission form again once the new site goes live and your blog will be re-added with an up to date URL.

Blogs that were still accessible but which haven't been updated for a long time, or even marked on the site as being closed to further updates, were all left listed on the directory. As long as the blog is still accessible and public it qualifies for listing. The whole point of a blog is that you update it as often or as rarely as you like. Many blog owners take breaks from their blogs and return months, or even years, later. Besides, many older articles still make good reading and are worth visiting.

As for all of those blogs already submitted, but which have never been added - the process of adding those will begin as soon as the new site is live.