Monday, 31 March 2014

Going Live!

The new site at is now up and running. All the blogs from the original directory (that are still available to view) have been transferred to the new site. The blogs that have been submitted over recent months, but not yet uploaded, will begin to be listed over the coming week.

There are still a couple of new sections to complete, such as the blog tools and forum sections, but as these sections are new and not central to the running of the site they can be developed while the site is live.

The directory has a completely new layout and structure, with categories better organised and the directory programming changed to make the site easier to maintain and keep up to date. As there are big differences between the old and new sites we recommend reading 'How To Use The Directory' to catch up on the main features.

We hope that you like the new layout and that it proves to be worth the wait. We will provide more detailed updates on some of the new features soon.