Thursday, 4 December 2014

400 Football Blogs Now Listed On The Football Blog Directory!

Football Blog Directory
400 Blogs!!

There are now 400 football blogs listed on the Football Blog Directory.

The Football Blog Directory now lists blogs from every continent on the planet, with 19 different countries represented.

There are blogs from every level of football, everything from the World Cup to non-league ground-hopping blogs.

What is more, every link to every blog is checked daily to ensure that all links remain active and live. That means that every blog listed is a genuine, live football blog.

However, there is no limit to the number of blogs that can be listed, and many leagues, clubs, subjects and interests still unrepresented. So if you are the owner of a football blog then why not submit your blog for listing in the Football Blog Directory, and see your blog's visibility and readership increase.

Every blog listed gets it's own page on the directory. a direct link to the blog, inclusion on the member's blogs RSS feed, and the opportunity to promote your blog and blog posts in the site's articles section (along with direct links to your blog posts).

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted a blog for inclusion, to everyone who has contributed articles, and to everyone who continues to visit the Football Blog Directory. It is to all of you that the site owes it's continued success and growth.